Healthy Living Market and Café: Now hiring

Healthy Living Market and Cafe - South Burlington, VT 
This organic supermarket, café and learning center, which is taking over the former J.C. Penney space in Wilton Mall, has announced several job openings. Originally based in South Burlington, Vt., with 150 employees, the family-run business plans to hire 140 for the Saratoga store. 

“We’re so pleased to be here,” Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, one of the three owners and the acting chief operating officer, said.

His mother, Katy Lesser, the second co-owner, has worked with local farmers and focused on regional agriculture. The market will offer local, organic and natural groceries and produce, artisan bread and “a world of cheese.” The café will feature an eclectic menu prepared fresh daily and have a barista on staff.

The market also will house a learning center that will host cooking and wellness demonstrations and classes. Lesser’s daughter, Nina Lesser-Goldsmith, who attended culinary school, is the third co-owner and will direct the center.

“We chose Saratoga Springs because it has lots of growth and is such a vibrant, exciting community,” Nina Lesser-Goldsmith said. “Also, the city is surrounded by farms.”



Anonymous deer antler said...

I agree on that. Healthy living on every aspect.

Monday, January 21, 2013 7:26:00 AM 
Blogger Albina N muro said...

ealthy Living Market and Cafe "When it comes to health foods, this place is the REAL deal! This is the nicest health food store. healthy eating

Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:27:00 AM 

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